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BBO Shorts – Boardshort Bottle Opener

Boardshort Bottle Opener | BBO Shorts

A one of its kind bottle opener that is attached to the pocket flap of the shorts. The BBO shorts are a patent pending product that comes in 5 stylish boardshorts and a cargo style walkshort with multiple color ways to choose from. “Open your season and your beverage with the BBO short” Founder and inventor Abe Allouche has been surfing for over 30 years and designing surfing apparel for over 20 years. The idea of the BBO short came when he was surfing one day with friends and came in after an amazing surf session. With beverages waiting for them on the beach and no way of opening them they all improvised leading to a chipped tooth and bloody thumb. The wheels started spinning on the ride home and shortly after many samples and revisions the BBO shorts were born.

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